One Format to Rule Them All!

When we write stuff in plaintext format, our lives are be better for it.

Text is Distractionless

Text is Clear

Text is Flexible

What is quickest to search using the default search built into your computer? Text.

What converts into any other written format easier than every other written format? Text.

What can you export every other written format to? Text(.CSV and .TAB are really just text, y’know).

What is best for users to read comfortably and adjust easily for their optimum vision? Text.

What is best for those with disabilities of any sort? Text.

What can you hand to a coder and a salesperson and CEO and customer and know they can read and understand it? Ahem, yes. You get the idea.

Text alone endures

There’s an old Chinese proverb…

Even the strongest memory is not so strong as faded ink.

Very true. And now I’d like to extend it with my own, new proverb…

Even the best of formats is not so strong as plain text.

…Yeah, okay. Maybe my proverb could still use a little help. Guess I’ll just work on that in my text file.

Questions? Comments? Flaming disagreement? I sure would love to hear about it in the comments!

About Me

I’m Sam and I help make change more doable by writing, speaking, coaching, training, and most importantly by building community hell bent on learning and conscious self-improvement. For more info, visit

Likes to do things. Lots of things. Writing is one.

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