Top 10 Tech Projects To Make Your Quarantine More Productive

So you’re on lockdown. Trying not to think about it too much and end up someplace really dark.

I’m just fresh from quarantine myself. If, like me, it leaves you feeling antsy and wanting to do something distracting yet productive, maybe it’s time for a project you can fall into for a little while and come out with a better life?

Here are some things to do like that which as far as I can tell have no downside. They don’t require a ton of mental bandwidth, but can keep the mind occupied for a while. Moving at your own pace, you make your digital life better…forever!

Top 10 Suggested Quarantine Tech Projects:

  1. backup & update all your devices (computers, phones, tablets, etc.)
  2. check/change your cloudy privacy settings (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc.)
  3. create local backups of all your info from the cloud (pictures, files, websites, other personal data)
  4. reset all your passwords (make each unique & secure with a password manager like Bitwarden)
  5. run a full virus scan (every device/drive)
  6. learn how to secure your sensitive files no matter where you put them (Cryptomator is easy)
  7. tweak your router settings (improve security, reduce wifi conflicts, packet prioritization, etc.)
  8. install Linux to a drive (Ubuntu is good to start) and learn about how it works
  9. dust off an old device and turn it into a DNS sinkhole to eliminate ads for all devices on your home network (Pi-hole is great)
  10. create a static website (I recommend Hugo)

What other projects are you taking on with your time?

About the Author

Sam Rogers a musician, writer, teacher, and creative producer who is addicted to learning new things. You can learn more about him at

Likes to do things. Lots of things. Writing is one.

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